Why C&S

We use a large selection of Estate Coffees in our blends, which we pay a premium for. This not only ensures premium consistent product for our customers, but also supports the farmers so they can take care of their workers and crops. A very important aspect of our purchasing is to know exactly which plantations from which our coffee is shipped. Unlike most roasters, we refrain from purchasing from co-op mills where coffee from different sources (good and bad) is blended into a homogeneous mixture that ends up as a mild, neutral cup lacking any unique flavors. Our goal is to source the most flavorful coffees from each region we purchase. This is only possible by evaluating non blended coffees at the farm level. Regular visits to our suppliers reinforce our quality requirements and help develop mutually rewarding relationships. We have been building relationships with our coffee growers for more than fifteen years.

Direct Trade Relationships:

We have built strong relationships with plantation owners for the past 20 years. We pay a premium to ensure the highest quality beans and to support farmers so they will in turn take care of their crops. We buy direct from origin. These relationships directly contribute to our consistent product.


From bean to cup, we pride ourselves in eight quality control steps to ensure consistent coffee. We guarantee that each bean meets our flavor profile and is consistent from shipment to shipment. We use scientific methods to make certain that your custom/ proprietary roast is consistent each and every time.

Flavor Profiles:

We have experimented with dozens of blends and ratios to create our proprietary blends. Please try our exclusive blends or create a specific blend that will suit your customers’ palate. The blends we create are always smooth and balanced, never bitter.